When Universal teamed up with Brands Events to present Fast & Furious Live they sourced the expertise and design knowledge of Harrisons Creative to produce the entire event branding for the live-arena tour.  Each show took place in a very large, empty space such as the London 02 Arena so the printed branding needed to create an inviting atmosphere as well as building a sense of excitement at this high energy event.

The Challenge

For Harrisons was around lead time, from a blank canvas the team worked around the clock to design and produce all branding for the first event in just seven days. The tight turnaround was made possible by Harrisons Creative on site printer and experienced in-house design team. The products required special attention in regards to maintaining quality throughout the duration of the tour and well as being easily transportable and hardwearing.

The Solution

The Harrisons Creative design team worked with their show organisers to create bespoke graphics, using the famous logo and imagery, for a range of flags and banners to display around the venue during the shows. Based around the theme and layout of the venue, we produced a range of feather flags, large banners, floor vinyl, correx signage and a show-stopping 18m wide backdrop that grabbed the attention of every visitor as soon as they entered the venue.

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